Reshuffling the Deck

WonderBrandingOver the past year, I’ve put a lot of thought into my business, just like you. I've contemplated my position in the marketplace and all that I have to offer. Specifically, I wrestled with which type of a business I want to help as a marketing consultant. Should I consult Corporate America? Maybe focus on a single area such as copywriting? Get into training? Well, I decided – with renewed energy – to stay exactly where I’m at and help Main Street business owners market and grow the heck out of their business. You see, as a former retailer myself – helping Main Street business owners is in my DNA, and it’s where I believe I will be most useful. Still, it often helps to reshuffle the deck a bit. Why this matters to you: My renewed commitment comes with the announcement that I will be combining forces with the brilliant and talented, Michele Miller. This means that I will no longer maintain this blog, but will be moving all my previous articles over to Even better, Michele and I will be writing new articles and creating videos all focused on helping you grow your business. In fact, we already have two new posts available for you to read over at WonderBranding: Why the Lake Wobegon Effect May Be Sinking YOUR Business and How to Prevent It Ad Copywriting: Using The Wedge Concept Most importantly, we want to hear from YOU, and encourage you to email us marketing and advertising questions that you need answers to. I look forward to hearing from you, and hope to see you over at Thank you for your support, and keep moving the sales curve upward! Tom Wanek
  • Michele Miller

    Tom, I’m thrilled that we’ve joined forces and am very excited about connecting with more and more readers.  Here’s to Main Street!

  • Ken Brand

    Nice.  Your clients have no idea how fortunate they are.  Cheers you two.

  • Jeff Sexton


    I’m just thrilled you’re blogging again, buddy!  You have too much good content, insight, and wisdom to share.  Thanks for rebooting!  And I can’t think of a better partner than Michele.